Can This Red Wine Filter Alleviate Your Headaches?

A new device, called Üllo, claims to be the first product on the market that filters sulfites out of red wine in order to alleviate wine-induced headaches.

Üllo looks like a giant corkscrew filter that fits over a carafe or glass of glass. As wine is poured through the filter, the sulfites — and nothing else — are extracted like magnets.

Sulfites occur naturally in the winemaking process, but extra sulfites are sometimes added for storage purposes. It's the manmade ones that cause adverse reactions in some people, James Kornacki, founder of Üllo, told Fox Business.

Kornacki claims the flavor of the wine is not altered. "We don't screw up the wine chemistry," he said.

However, the presence of sulfites in red wine — and its connection to headaches — is disputed among scientists. According to an article published in Yale Scientific, there are often more sulfites present in dried fruits and sweeter white wines, but yet red wine still takes the blame.