This California Brewery Makes Beer From Recycled Wastewater

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company in San Francisco has made drought-friendly craft beer from waste water

Wasted not, want not! The beer on the left is brewed with wastewater, while the IPA on the right is made with conventional water. 

Waste not, want not! One California brewery is turning heads for being the first California craft brewery to produce beer made with wastewater.Half Moon Bay Brewery, based in San Francisco, may someday singlehandedly quench the thirst of Bay Area Californians (at least those that crave small-batch craft beer).[slideshow133387]

But how does it taste? According to Fox News, the beer is slightly darker than normal brews that aren’t made with wastewater from municipal water systems, but in blind taste tests people could not tell the difference between Half Moon’s sewer brew and a regular IPA,” and a taste tester jokingly called it an “I Pee A.”

Brewery owner Lenny Mendonca has been using his technique to spread the word about the seriousness of water shortage in California since 2014, and although he says you won’t find his beer in your local distributor anytime soon, he hopes to get there one day. He’s only offered samples a handful of times.


"People think that water is the most important ingredient,” Mendonca told AOL. “So if I can demonstrate to people that not only is [gray-water beer] good, but it's great, then why wouldn't you use that water for everything else?"