This Burger Joint Now Serves Cricket Milkshakes

Would you be willing to consume bugs in your milkshake? We can hear the crickets all the way from here. Actually, at regional burger chain Jake's Wayback, the crickets are in the milkshakes.Connecticut chain Jake's Wayback is shaking things up by adding 96 powdered crickets to each milkshake. The extra protein (24 grams extra, to be exact) actually started as an April Fool's joke, but according to the local Fox News station, the idea kind of grew on their customers.

"You'll never know it was crickets unless we tell you," said Deaven Holley, a franchise owner of Jake's Wayback in Meriden, Connecticut. "They don't float around or anything, they're not still chirping."

The Oreo Mudpie Cricket Shake is now available on the menu, and thus far has been a hit with guests, probably because the sweet ice cream and syrups mask any hint of the buggy secret ingredient. If you're ready to get your grub on, hurry up: Jake's Wayback will only be selling these until the end of September.