Bud Light Gives Out Free Beer to Homeless People in Controversial New Marketing Gimmick

A new marketing strategy has Budweiser giving out beer to homeless people on the streets of Liverpool

Perhaps not the wisest advertising choice.

A controversial new advertising campaign has not gone over well for Budweiser. The American beer company’s new stunt campaign featured a Bud Light car pulling up on the streets of Liverpool to give out free cans of beer to the public. One homeless man told reporters that he had been given a trolley full of cans of beer.

“They were just handing them out to everyone, I ended up with a trolley full,” he told Metro UK. “I think it was sound. I think it’s okay giving those out — it doesn’t do any harm, does it?”

But the guerilla-style advertising campaign has not gone over well with city officials. One city councilor, Nick Small, was aghast at the long list of rules the stunt has broken.

“They have done this without permission from the council’s licensing team or city center team,” he told Metro UK. “I’m outraged that this is happening when Liverpool schools are on half-term too.”

Of course, all of this — shocked reactions included — could all have been a carefully engineered publicity stunt to drum up attention for the beer brand.


In response to the alarmed public reaction, the marketing team, Portman Group, has ceased all activities of the UK Bud Light sampling tour until they investigate the incident.