Bring the Brewery to Your Kitchen With BrewArt, Home Brewing System

The home brewing system will launch in Australia this summer, with a US release slated for shortly after

Wikimedia Commons / Kgbo / CC BY-SA 3.0

You don’t need those big steel tanks to create a perfectly flavored beer.

There’s a new beacon on the horizon for beer aficionados. BrewArt, a device that allows you to brew homemade beer, is set for an Australian launch in mid-July, followed shortly by a release in the U.S.

The set up consists of two pieces of equipment: the BeerDroid and the BrewFlo. The BeerDroid brews the beer and has a 10-liter capacity — the equivalent of two 12 packs. The BrewFlo, meanwhile, has a five-liter tank and dispenses temperature-controlled beer. However, these basic parts come with sophisticated technology. Thanks to its ability to connect to WiFi, BrewArt’s brews can be altered with the use of a smartphone app, which will also notify the home beer-maker when a batch is finished.

The company will make the ingredients—malts, hops, and yeast—readily available on its website. Also available will be recipes for mass-produced beers like Heineken to recreate the flavor as freshly as possible. This also allows you to make miniscule adjustments to pre-existing beer recipes, like making that Heineken just a teeny bit hoppier.

Any self-respecting beer-lover is undoubtedly excited at this news. However, good news can come at high prices, and this is no exception. It will cost $799 for the BeerDroid and $699 for the BrewFlo.


With thieves turning their attention towards our favorite golden beverage, the safety of your brew is guaranteed. And I’d make a bet that the deliciousness of it is near-guaranteed, too.