This Brewery in New Jersey Is Making a Beer Inspired by Pope Francis

Holy Beer!

Cape May Brewing Company is naming the Pope Francis-inspired brew YOPO, which stands for "You Only Pope Once."

In honor of Pope Francis’s visit to America next month, a New Jersey brewing company is creating a beer inspired by His Holiness.

Cape May Brewing Co. is releasing a limited-edition beer called “You Only Pope Once,” or YOPO, according to The Associated Press.

Ryan Krill, co-owner of the brewery, told the AP that the YOPO beer is a hoppy pale ale with 5.5 percent alcohol content and will only be available on draft.

The beer will be available at the Cape May tasting room and other places throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey beginning September 21.

Justin Vitti, a sales representative for the beer company, told the AP that they created the beer to pair well with Argentinian beef as a nod to Pope Francis’s home country.


Pope Francis will be touring the United States in September. He will arrive in Washington, D.C., September 22 and will make stops in East Harlem and Philadelphia. Pope Francis will visit Catholic sites in each of these areas.