This Beer Is Specifically Designed to Drink in the Shower

Swedish brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask have created this brew marketed toward women

Gimmicky? Yes. Something we’d actually buy? Probably.  

Shower beer used to just mean a regular bottle of beer you brought into the shower, supposedly to open up the brew’s flavors with steam. But now we have an actual product designed to fit in your shower caddy.

The shower beer is the brainchild of a Swedish brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask. Marketed toward women (but really, anyone who would enjoy sudsy suds), the shower beer is tiny and squat but its six ounces packs a punch at 10 percent alcohol by volume, according to CNET.

The beer bottle is wide enough that it can fit into your shower caddy without accidentally breaking, but it’s still made of glass so you should be careful. The brew is best described as “sweet but strong,” and PangPang claims you can finish it in just three big gulps, just enough time for your conditioner to set.


The product first debuted on the marketing site Behance but sold out instantly. Unfortunately, shower beer is not available in the United States yet, but PangPang is looking to expand to other countries.