This Beer Named After the Late Joe Paterno Is Stirring Up Some Controversy

A new Joe Paterno beer hit shelves in Western Pennsylvania this weekend, and people aren’t happy

Joe Paterno-branded beer: bad idea, or genius marketing decision?

It’s not often that you hear of people getting up in arms over the name of a beer, but this local Pennsylvania brewing company is certainly stirring the pot.The Duquesne Bottling Company released a new beer this past weekend called the Joe Paterno Legacy beer, in honor of the late, disgraced Penn State football coach. Joe Paterno’s son Jay Paterno teamed up with the brewery to release the beer. Partial proceeds will benefit the Paterno family charities.

Jay Paterno described the brew as “the kind of beer my dad would have had around the house,” and an initial order of 7,000 cases will be distributed in the Pittsburgh region. If your memory is foggy, Coach Paterno was fired in 2012 after word of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal came out. He passed away from lung cancer two months after he was let go.


So far the beer has had success, according to local news station WPXI. People on Twitter had a lot to say on the matter: