Beer Brewed From Chickpeas Invented: Is Hummus Beer the Next Big Thing?

An Israeli microbrewery is making gluten-free beer brewed from chickpeas and dates that has really taken off in Jerusalem.
The next big trend: people dipping chunks of pita into their chickpea beer.


The next big trend: people dipping chunks of pita into their chickpea beer.

Americans may already be used to a market saturated with flavored beers, but here’s an entirely new concept from our craft beer-loving friends in the Middle East: hummus beer. Srigim, an Israeli microbrewery, has invented a gluten-free beer brewed with chickpeas, dates, and buckwheat. The unusual concept has been well-liked in a region where beers are often brewed with a nod to regional ingredients.

"Chickpeas are a very Middle Eastern food," Srigim co-owner Bryan Meadan told Yahoo. "Local beer made with local products."

Meadan first perfected the chickpea beer at home and then began selling it to the beer enthusiasts in Jerusalem, where he claims it has taken off in popularity. Israel may not be the first international city you associate with the craft beer movement, but it has really taken hold in Jerusalem where Israel's premiere craft beer festival, Jerusalem Beer Fest, just wrapped up at the end of August.

The chickpea beer in particular was a hit.

"It's unfiltered, unpasteurized, and very fresh," Srigim co-owner Ofer Ronen told Israel National News. "That's why the taste is very powerful."


Another trending Israeli beer using local ingredients is the cheekily named “Hey Ju-Boy!” brewed with date honey and juniper berries, crafted by The Dancing Camel.