Beastie Boys Win Legal Fees Over Monster Energy Case

Monster Energy owes the band legal fees in addition to $1.7 million jury verdict

Beastie Boys will win $668,000 in legal fees from Monster Energy.

‘Fight for Your Right’ could teach us all a valuable lesson.

Monster Energy must pay the surviving members of the iconic rap group the Beastie Boys $668,000 in legal fees in addition to $1.7 million following a copyright violation trial, according to Business Insider.

After reviewing the band’s legal bills, U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer wrote that the "Beastie Boys opted to pay for, and received, the 'Cadillac Escalade,' not the 'Honda Civic'" of legal representation. In turn, this will award the band $532,000 above its reasonable costs.

The Beastie Boys first sued Monster Energy in August 2012 for using their name, images, and five songs in in a video without permission. Adam Yauch had passed away in May of that same year.


Yauch, who died of cancer, requested in his will that no one be allowed to use his music or image in advertising. The Beastie Boys won their verdict from a federal jury last June.