Be One with Your Inner Panda: Is Bamboo Water the Next Big Thing?

Bamboo water, the low-calorie, sugar-free new water varietal, could be on shelves in North America this summer

Forget coconut water. You could be drinking this trendy water post-workout someday soon.

Water used to be simple. You were either a bottled water or filtered water type of person. But then drinking the “right” kind of water became trendy, and the world became inundated with coconut water, maple water, boxed water, aloe water… the list goes on. The newest intriguing member of the fitness water clan is bamboo water, made from that stuff that panda bears go wild for. Bamboo Beverages is currently trying to spread the word about bamboo water with its Kickstarter campaign. If all goes well, we could see water infused with steeped bamboo leaves on grocery shelves by June.

The water is made with bamboo leaves grown in Canada, according to Vincent Villanis, the founder of Bamboo Beverages. Villanis says the idea to create bamboo water evolved from his initial project: bamboo beer. The water is made from the sustainable and plentiful bamboo plant, and is full of antioxidants. It tastes “sweet and bright,” according to Villanis’ interview with Beverage Daily.


“Whether you are an athlete or dancer who wants to maximize performance, a yogi who wants to stay zen, or a student who needs a clear mind, Bamboo Water is the new and natural way to keep you hydrated,” Villanis said on the Kickstarter page. “Bamboo Water also helps you reduce your environmental impact as we incorporate approved Carbon Credits into every production run of Bamboo Water.”