This Art Director Made a Bloody Mary Campaign to Land Her Next Job

The creative professional left her job in New York City to pursue a career in Amsterdam

Stahl handcrafted most of the props used in the campaign.

There’s no doubt that job hunting is a struggle, especially for those in creative fields, where it can be tough to stand out. To break away from the traditional emailed applications, American art director Jessica Stahl created a campaign about Bloody Mary mixes to highlight her skills — and hopefully help her land her next gig.

The campaign, called Get Bloody Creative, was inspired by creatives in the advertising industry trying to recover after a night out.

“I saw a problem in the industry: Ad people like to drink and nobody wants to brainstorm hungover,” Stahl said in a statement. “I also saw an opportunity in Amsterdam, a city where people don’t understand the value of the classic hangover remedy, the Bloody Mary, which I happen to be an expert at making.”

Bloody Creative

Stahl didn’t use just any Bloody Mary recipes for her campaign; she tailored ingredients based on her research into the culture and history of each ad agency she reached out to.

Bloody Creative

“For instance, 180 Amsterdam is located in the houses where the founders of the Dutch East India trading company resided. I want to bring these cues into the drink, so an Indonesian twist — one of the main ports along the trade route — worked well. I then had a series of tipsy afternoons perfecting the ingredients and flavors.”

Bloody Creative

The campaign hasn’t secured Stahl a job yet, but we’re sure it won’t be too long until she catches an agency’s eye soon.


Bloody Creative