Are Chewable Coffee Cubes in Our Future?

A tech company has turned cold brew coffee into chewable cubes for on-the-go caffeine consumption

Go Cubes

No time to brew a cup? Just chew a piece!

Chewable coffee? We can hear the coffee connoisseurs rolling their eyes from over here.

Nootrobox, an innovative vitamin/nutrient company, has come up with a way to get your caffeine needs in the morning without having to brew a cup or overpay at Starbucks for a latte.

Go Cubes are gummy coffee bites made from cold brew coffee. Two small cubes pack the same punch as a cup of coffee, and they come in three flavors: pure drip, mocha, and latte. Plus, they’re vegan and paleo-friendly (but what cup of coffee isn’t?).

If you’re curious to try it out, the team at Nootrobox have an IndieGoGo campaign where you can pre-order your chewable coffee tablets — and maybe feel like a child again. Except instead of chewing on (or avoiding) Flintstones vitamins, you’ll be getting your cup of Joe in solid form. One bottle of 50 cubes costs $32, or about $1.28 per “cup” of coffee.


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