Apple Juice from High Hill Ranch Tests Positive for E. Coli Bacteria

Health department officials have confirmed that E. coli bacteria sickened seven people who consumed unpasteurized apple juice
Apple Juice from High Hill Ranch Tests Positive for E. Coli Bacteria


One person was hospitalized, but is expected to recover.

A sample of apple juice from High Hill Ranch in Apple Hill, Camino, California, has tested positive for E. coli bacteria, local health department officials have confirmed.

Results for two other samples are still pending. The other sample has been linked to a small E. coli outbreak stemming from High Hill Ranch, a member of the Apple Hill Growers Association. In mid- to late-October, seven people became ill with E. coli poisoning after consuming unpasteurized apple juice from the ranch.

All of the juice was consumed either at home or at High Hill Ranch. One person was hospitalized as a result of the food poisoning, but is expected to recover.

In the last few weeks, incidences of E. coli have seemed to wreak havoc on public health, with officials pointing to the bacteria as a potential culprit for an illness which struck at least 60 people who consumed apple cider during a fall harvest festival in Illinois. An E. coli outbreak also forced Chipotle to close 43 locations in Oregon and Washington state.

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