This Anti 'AGin' Gin Will Help You Smooth Out Wrinkles as You Drink it

A new anti-aging gin is made with drinkable collagen and claims to be able to reverse some effects of aging

Anti-aging gin? If only there was a bottle of clear alcohol for our acne issues…

Now you can spend the night drinking and reverse the effects of aging all in one product. Sound too good to be true? The people behind Anti-AGin think their age-defying alcohol does just the trick.The 40 percent proof gin is distilled with drinkable collagen and other natural remedies for skin treatments including tea tree and chamomile.

But will drinking collagen (the same stuff that’s injected into your face to defy the effects of aging), actually make a difference with your crow’s feet? According to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, people who regularly imbibe collagen naturally have fresher-looking, more youthful skin.


If you’re looking to get tipsy (but want to appear completely fresh-faced while doing so), you may want to check out the Anti-AGin available for 34.99 or $39.25 USD online at Drink Supermarket. Currently, it is out of stock, but hopefully that’ll change soon.