Amid Severe Drought, California Governor Recommends Water Wasters Face $10,000 Fines

The fine would only apply to residents and businesses that continually violate water restriction rules


Governor Brown is expected to introduce expanded water restrictions, including the severe fine. 

This week, Governor Jerry Brown called for the introduction of a $10,000 fine on residents and businesses found to be wasting the most water, as the state endures one of the most severe droughts in its history.

Among ongoing efforts to conserve water, the governor recently imposed statewide, mandatory water use reductions. Defiance of those restrictions, it was promised, would result in “repercussions, including fines.”

Governor Brown is expected to recommend the $10,000 fine as part of a legislative proposal to expand water restrictions during the drought. State water agencies have reportedly expressed that they would prefer to educate customers rather than punish them, though regulators have approved fines up to $500 for outdoor water waste.

Governor Brown clarified that “only the worst offenders” who are found to be continually violating water rules would face the $10,000 fine.

Meanwhile, both Nestlé and Starbucks are selling bottled water sourced from California, and continue to deny that these activities contribute to the drought.  

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