Amazon Prime Now Is Launching 1-Hour Booze Delivery

Amazon’s latest delivery service feature will put liquor in your hands in one hour or less

Now Amazon can quench all of your alcohol needs in 60 minutes or less.

Good news for Seattleites: Amazon will now deliver you booze in an hour or less. Amazon Prime Now is testing out one-hour liquor delivery, so you can order wine, beer, and liquor without leaving the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.The catch? There’s a $7.99 service charge for speedy one- or two-hour deliveries, but if you can wait more than two hours, the fee disappears.

Right now, the service is limited to Seattle. Elsewhere in the country, you’re restricted to ordering wine. But if all goes well, the boozy delivery service should be rolling out in Amazon Prime Now’s other cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Manhattan, and Miami.


This is certainly not the first unusual liquor delivery service out there. We already reported on a texting-for-wine feature that’s part of the Naked Wines subscription service. Now there are even more ways to get your instant liquor delivery game on point.