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Almost Half of Americans Prefer Beer to Other Drinks, According to Survey

Roughly two-thirds of Americans drink two or more bottles a week

Shutterstock / William Perugini

A study by Indiana University even showed a link between the taste of beer and the production of dopamine in the brain.

Every year on April 7, people all over the United States can crack open a beer to celebrate National Beer Day. Though it might seem like one of those fun, fictional holidays — and who doesn’t love days dedicated to crunchy tacos or waffles? — National Beer Day actually has a historical basis. According to beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, the holiday is linked to the end of the Prohibition in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an act to end the alcohol ban.

Fast forward to today, when beer is consumed worldwide and both small and large breweries can all chip in on spreading the wealth. In honor of the holiday, conducted a survey asking 1,100 Americans 21 years of age or older about their beer drinking habits.

According to the survey, 69 percent of Americans indulge in two or more bottles of beer a week. Of those surveyed, one in three preferred imported beers, while 67 percent preferred domestic brews.

The survey also found that among the most popular bar drinks, 47 percent of respondents preferred beer over margaritas at 22 percent, wine at 17 percent, cosmopolitans at six percent, and gin and tonic at five percent.


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