Alcoholic Cold Brew Is Coming to the Midwest This May

The Minnesota-based brand blends cold brew with malt for a ‘sweet’ and ‘smooth’ boozy beverage

The company says each batch of cold brew is steeped for more than 16 hours and infused with nitrogen before its canned.

The coffee scene is buzzing with new flavors and innovations, including the recent launches of a cannabis cold brew and wine-infused coffee. Now there’s a new cold brew on the market, and according to the company, it’s “so bad it’s actually really friggin’ good.”

Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee, which contains 6 percent ABV and 180 milligrams of caffeine, is making its debut in the Midwest this May. The company sources its coffee from local cold-brew company Blackeye Roasting.

“The demand for cold brew coffee has completely taken off,” Matt McGinn, Bad Larry’s formulation consultant and founder of Blackeye Roasting Co., said in a statement. “And we’re the first to craft an alcoholic version. Bad Larry’s is nothing like coffee-flavored beers or cocktails — this is totally different.”


The alcoholic cold brew coffee will come in 11.5-ounce cans and will be sold in packs of four at select beverage retailers.