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Alcoholic Architecture Will Let People Walk Through a Breathable Cocktail Cloud

This pop-up venture in London is a ‘fully immersive alcohol environment’

Alcoholic Architecture is a pop-up project where guests can inhale cocktails.

You’ve heard the expression “inhaling your food,” and now you can literally inhale your alcohol.

Food art collective Bompas & Parr is planning to open a pop-up called Alcoholic Architecture in London’s Borough Market, according to their website. The idea is that guests will walk through a cloud of breathable cocktail mist, which will create a “fully immersive alcohol environment.”

The cloud will be made of fine spirits and mixers, with powerful humidifiers used to super-saturate the air. The alcohol will enter the bloodstream mainly through the lungs — the site advises guests to “breathe responsibly.”

Because this venture will be situated next to one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the U.K., the drink list is made up of spirits and beers created by monks, such as Chartreuse, Benedictine, Trappist beer, and Buckfast. Patrons can sign up for hour-long sessions.

Alcoholic Architecture will open on July 31 and run through early 2016. Only 50 people are allowed at a time, and all guests must be of the legal drinking age, of course (which is 18 in the United Kingdom).