Airheads White Mystery Freeze Debuts at Taco Bell

The most popular Airheads flavor comes to Taco Bell Sept. 19 in the form of a frozen slushie

The new Taco Bell slushies just keep on coming.

Do you remember the unusually tangy “White Mystery” Airheads flavor that stumped everyone in the early 2000s? Now you can sip on it in frozen form at Taco Bell. Taco Bell announced a new Airheads White Mystery Freeze flavor launching later this month.

"Airheads White Mystery has been one of the most delicious debates of our generation," a Taco Bell spokesperson told CNBC. "We're excited to fuel the conversation and encourage fans to share their flavor guesses on social media."

The mystery flavor has actually widely been thought of as either a mix of regular Airheads flavors or an entirely random flavor that changes in every box.

The new Airheads Freeze is being released on the heels of the pink Starburst Freeze flavor, another fan favorite.


Although the new slushie technically doesn’t come out until Sept. 19, fans have already spotted it in certain Taco Bell locations.