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Adam Levine and Sammy Hagar Team up for the Launch of the ‘World's First Mezquila’

The blend is the first of its kind to hit the spirits market

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Santo Mezquila is crafted by Juan Eduardo Nuñez, a third generation distiller, from the El Viejito distillery in Jalisco, Mexico.

Red Rocker Sammy Hagar and pop singer Adam Levine have partnered to combine tequila and mezcal with the launch of their new brand, Santo Mezquila.

The “world’s first mezquila” blends together 100 percent blue and espadín agaves to create a smooth and rich tequila flavor with the sweet and smoky taste of mezcal.

The duo created the concept over two years ago after a night in Cabo San Lucas.

"When Adam and I started tasting the different blends, I knew we had something special that people would love," Hagar said in a statement. "It was only right to get the team back together and share Santo with the world."

The launch of the new brand was accompanied by ads created by the agency Narrative, which are aimed to make people "feel something and not just tell them that there's a new spirit," Tricia Clarke-Stone, co-founder of Narrative, told Ad Age.

“In terms of the sexual approach, it's about being provocative and what happens when you reach that higher place.”


The Mezquila will be distributed nationwide at a retail price of $55 a bottle in markets including Las Vegas, California, New York, Texas, and Florida during the first quarter of the year.