The Last Starbucks-Owned Evolution Fresh Locations Will Close This Year

Prior to the brand purchase, Evolution Fresh was a wholesaler of bottled juice

The Evolution Fresh locations were a project of Howard Schultz, outgoing CEO of Starbucks.

Six years ago, Starbucks expanded beyond coffee and onto the juice scene with the $30 million cash purchase of Evolution Fresh. Throughout the years, the Starbucks subsidiary of pre-packaged, cold-pressed juices launched stand-alone locations, but has recently announced that the remaining two locations will be closing this year.

Those locations, which are based in Seattle, are set to shutter on March 3 and June 30, Seattle Met reported.

However, this isn’t the end of the California-based juice brand, as Starbucks will continue to sell its bottled products at its coffee stores.

According to a company representative, the brand will even continue to release new blends, such as the superfoods collection featuring coconut milk.

Just last March, the brand launched four new innovations, including Protein Power Berry, Protein Power Greens, Organic Green Lemonade, and Organic Greens & Kale.


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