$56 Million Worth of Cocaine Found in Coca-Cola Shipment

Workers at a Coca-Cola factory in France found $56 million worth of cocaine hidden in shipments of orange juice concentrate

Do you remember that rumor that the original Coca-Cola formula had cocaine in it? This crime takes nostalgia a bit too far.

Authorities at a Coca-Cola factory in France found an unexpected bonus in a shipment of orange juice from South America: $56 million of cocaine. The 370 kilograms of drugs were hidden in bags among the orange juice concentrate, according to the BBC.

The drugs were originally discovered by factory workers who immediately alerted the authorities. The cocaine is among the largest drug discoveries on French soil.

The prosecutor for the French port city of Toulon, Xavier Tarabeux, said the shipment was a “very bad surprise” and has an estimated street value of 50 million euros, about $56 million.

“The first elements of the investigation have shown that employees are in no way involved,” Jean-Denis Malgras, the company’s regional president, told the news website Var-Matin.


The original Coca-Cola formula from the nineteenth century has been persistently rumored to have included cocaine among its ingredients. However, Coca-Cola has vehemently denied that this was true.