Dress Up Like a Cow and Get Free Chick-fil-A

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, and if you dress up like a cow you can get a free meal. No joke

Despite the poor spelling, I'm going to have to agree with this fine bovine's suggestion.

This is probably one of the strangest (but most delicious) holidays we’ve ever heard of. Today is Chick-fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day. If you come into one of their locations dressed as a cow, you will get a free chicken meal, at any time of the day. If you have full-on garb you can get a free meal, and if you are partially dressed up, you will get a free entrée. The tagline for the annual “holiday” is “Eat more chikin,” as the cows appreciate your foregoing a burger meal for a fried or grilled chicken platter.

If you’re thinking, “well, gee, I don’t have time to make or buy a cow costume!” Chick-fil-A has got you covered. They have put together black and white printables, including spots and ears, that you can print out and tape(?) to yourself, for a completely hack DIY job, in case you’re wanting your free chicken in a hurry.

Talk about udderly awesome. Get yours today before your local Chick-fil-A closes!

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