Dominique Ansel’s New Bakery Will Feature Booze and Tasting Menus

Dominique Ansel is planning cocktail and dessert pairings at his upcoming West Village bakery

If these pastries are any indication, we’d be happy to drink to any of Ansel’s sweet creations! 

As we get closer to the opening of Dominique Ansel’s new bakery in the West Village, more enticing details are released about this tantalizing new sweet spot. Although the bakery will not serve cronuts, you’ll hardly be missing out on the flaky pastries, because this new bakery will serve a six-course dessert tasting menu and cocktail pairing.

Ansel Bakery’s spokeswoman, Amy Ma, told DNA Info that Ansel will be applying for a liquor license in order to pull off this all-dessert, six-course chef’s tasting menu that will only be served at a special table after the kitchen normally closes at 7 p.m. The local community board, who will vote later in the year to approve Ansel’s liquor license, got to taste a sample menu, starting with "Bread and Butter," made from yeast ice cream and brown butter mousse, paired with a "milkshake" cocktail of mezcal, lemon blossom, honey, and egg whites. Other dessert items from the community board tasting include a rhubarb carpaccio paired with a carbonated gin float of strawberry and rose sorbet; Floating Island "Alphabet Soup Style" paired with Riesling granita; a "modern Crêpe Suzette" paired with a cocktail of cognac, sugar, lemon, and Champagne; a warm chocolate financier paired with a shot of crème de cacao, coffee, and angostura bitters; and a bittersweet chocolate praline cake paired with port topped with apricot whipped cream.


That’s a lot to take in. The chef’s table will be open for two seatings per evening, meaning that a total of 20 people can experience this sumptuous parade of desserts and alcohol per evening. The bakery is likely to open this spring.