DiGiorno Drops Dairy Farm After Mercy for Animals Video

After NBC News showed an undercover video of Wiese Brothers Farm, the pizza company dropped the dairy provider

DiGiorno drops a dairy farm in Wisconsin.

Wiese Brothers Farm in Wisconsin lost a major client after NBC News showed a Mercy for Animals undercover video of employees mistreating animals.

NBC News reports that the video, shot by animal rights group Mercy for Animals, showed workers kicking, beating, and stabbing cows, as well as dragging them along with ropes.

In response, DiGiorno dropped the dairy farm, which had been supplying milk to a cheese supplier. Nestlé reporteldy told the cheese supplier, "We will not accept any cheese made with milk from the Wiese Brothers Farm." The cheese supplier also cut ties with the Wisconsin farm.

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Meanwhile, Wiese Brothers Farm says in a statement that they have terminated two employees, and a third was removed from "animal handling." They are cooperating with officials, the statement reads, saying, "We are shocked and saddened to see a few of our employees not following our farm’s policies for proper animal care. We are committed to providing optimal care and ask all our employees to demonstrate ongoing respect for every animal at all times."