David Chang Invents the ‘Ramlet,’ a Ramen/Omelette Hybrid

David Chang took to Lucky Peach TV to demonstrate a an omelette made with ramen seasoning
David Chang Invents the ‘Ramlet,’ a Ramen/Omelette Hybrid
Lucky Peach TV

Sadly, the ramlet is not an omelette stuffed with ramen noodles.

Last week, David Chang declared ramen officially dead. But apparently, ramen-flavored omelettes are perfectly okay (and looking delicious). David Chang posted a video on Lucky Peach TV’s People Cooking Things segment that demonstrated a recipe for a “ramlet,” a ramen/omelette hybrid.

The fairly simple and cheap recipe basically involves dumping a packet of ramen seasoning into a regular three-egg omelette (or, as Chang describes it, “basically salt”). The video doesn’t actually specify which flavor of ramen to go with, but we’d bet that beef was used, based on the dark color of the egg mixture. After pouring the packet into the uncooked eggs, Chang whisks the eggs, and adds them to a butter-filled pan. He then stirs the concoction, and folds it into an omelette. The omelette is then brushed with butter and topped with two more scrambled eggs seasoned with ramen flavoring.

It sounds pretty tasty, but don’t expect this trendy hybrid to end up on any Momofuku restaurant menus anytime soon:

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