Cracker Barrel's Peg Game Is Easy To Make At Home

With stay-at-home orders still in effect for most of the country, families are looking for more good activities to do with kids during coronavirus quarantine. If you're already maxed out on learning new skills, Cracker Barrel has a solution. The restaurant chain released a DIY version of its classic peg game that combines arts and crafts with old-fashioned dinner party games.

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For those who are unfamiliar, the single-player peg game features a triangular board with 15 holes. You start with 14 pegs and one empty hole. To win, you jump the peg over another peg into the empty hole until there is just one left, or you're unable to make more moves.

To get your DIY Cracker Barrel edition, print the design at this link. Color and decorate it as you wish, poke 15 holes using a pen or pencil, cut along the dotted lines, fold the solid lines and glue or tape the tabs. To make the pegs, cut seven cotton swabs in half.

If you're looking for other ways clear your mind when gametime is through, make a whole night of pretending you're at a restaurant with your family. Create a playlist of your favorite music, print out menus, prepare a special meal and follow these other tips for making dinner in feel like dinner out.