Of Course There's a $20 Truffle Donut, and More News

Staff Writer
In today's Media Mix, the cult of Sriracha, plus first interactive CAPTCHA ad

A truffle donut has hit the market.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Kit Kat Ad: Nestlé tries out a new advertising campaign where they use Internet CAPTCHAs to help increase brand awareness. Instead of having Internet users type gibberish into a text box, the CAPTCHA has them break open a Kit Kat. Virtually, of course. [Food Navigator]

Scotland Marketing Rules Shot: Scotland has apparently abandoned discussion of responsible marketing of foods to cut down falt and salt intake, thanks to the non-cooperation of the industry. Shame. [Food Navigator]

The Sriracha Documentary: For $5, you can now watch how the popular condiment became the spicy staple it is today. [PSFK]

'60 Minutes' Looks at Crazy Truffle Market3 Truffle Festivals to Kick Off 2012A Giant Truffle Comes To Garces Trading Company

Truffle Donut: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Chicago donut purveyor Do-Rite Donuts has created a truffle-topped donut, with truffle-based syrup, Valrhona chocolate, salt, and 3 grams of Italian white truffles shaved onto the pastry. Someone should combine it with Do-or-Dine's foie gras donut, and we're set for life. [DNA Chicago]