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What Will Chuck E. Cheese Look Like When it Reopens?

No more hugs from your favorite mouse
Justin Sullivan/Staff/Via Getty Images News

Restaurants around America are starting to reopen dining to guests as states start to lift coronavirus restrictions. But if you love playing pinball while chowing down on pizza, you're out of luck. Chuck E. Cheese locations across the country remain closed, with no current plans to reopen. However, when kids and kids-at-heart can come back to Chuck E. Cheese, they'll have a different experience at the chain's 500-plus locations, according to a YouTube announcment from Chuck E. Cheese CEO, David McKillips. 

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While McKillips said that Chuck E. Cheese locations will remain closed to better protect staff and guests, they already have guidelines in place for when the casual dining spot reopens. Temperature checks and face masks will be required for all cast members and highly encouraged for guests. Guests will also be required to use sanitizing stations in dining and gaming rooms. 

Social distancing guidelines will also be put in place. All Chuck E. Cheese locations will have limited seating and games, placed at least 6 feet from each other. And gaming will look different. While multi-player games are a major part of the Chuck E. Cheese experience, they may be limited to just one player during the restaurant's initial opening phase; other games may not be available.


Areas throughout the restaurant will be sanitized every 30 minutes, contactless payment will be implemented, prizes will be pre-packaged and the salad bar will remain closed. But, perhaps the most notable change, will be that the Chuck E. Cheese mascot will not make an appearance at any locations post-coronavirus for the time being. Birthday parties will also be temporarily halted during normal business hours. Chuck E. Cheese is far from the only chain that will look different when it reopens; here's all the ways dining will look different after COVID-19