You Can Actually Cook the Pages of This Cookbook

A promotional item from Stouffer’s embeds seasoning within the pages of the cook-able cookbook

What a strange (and not entirely necessary) invention.

For the recycling fiends out there who wish there was a way to reuse recipes in a new way, this cookbook is for you.

Stouffer’s has unveiled a cook-able cookbook as part of their promotion for the brand’s new seasoning wraps.

The cookbook (which unfortunately is not for sale to the public) is made with recipes that have Stouffer’s seasoning “baked” into the pages. In the promotional video, a demonstrator wraps the recipe page around a piece of chicken breast, marinates it for several minutes and voila! --you have a fully-seasoned chicken, courtesy of the edible cookbook page.


Each page of the cookbook is printed with an easy recipe that you can make in under 30 minutes. You may not be able to find this cookbook in stores (even though Stouffer’s deceptively “unwraps it” from a Barnes & Noble shopping bag), but the seasoning wraps — which work in the same way as this magical cookbook’s pages — are in stores.