There Will Be No Checkout Line At Amazon's New Automated Grocery Store Concept

Amazon announced last month its plan to open 2,000 grocery stores over the next decade. Now, more details have been released about the online retail giant's expansion into the brick-and-mortar business. Amazon Go will allow customers to check out groceries in person simply by tapping their phone, without ever having to wait on line or encounter an employee. It's the perfect shopping solution for busy introverts.

The first Amazon Go store just opened in Seattle and can currently only be used by Amazon employees. Customers can walk in, grab what they need off the shelves, and, with a swipe of their phones, walk out of the store. If the test is successful, other Amazon Go locations will open across the nation starting in 2017.

This is how the "Just Walk Out" technology works: When a customer picks up an item, it is automatically added to a virtual checkout. If the product is placed back on the shelf, the amount is deducted. When a customer walks out of the store, his or her account in automatically charged. You can find out more in the video below: