Now You Can Sync Your Favorite New York Times Recipes to Evernote

Use the NYT Cooking Recipe Box to save recipes from anywhere on the web, including The Daily Meal!

All your favorite recipes from NYT Cooking will be saved automatically to your Evernote account.

The New York Times has turned the classic idea of the recipe box into a slightly more high-tech option for the modern home cook, who is more likely to save a link than tear a page from a magazine — or actually write down a recipe on a designated notecard.

Now, all users of NYT Cooking, the Times’ comprehensive recipe and technique database, can use Evernote to save all the recipes they want. In fact, you can save recipes from any site to the NYT Cooking Recipe Box, as well as handwritten recipes. All NYT Cooking recipes will be saved automatically.

In a press release, the Times explained that its Evernote integration was part of “new ‘third party save’ capabilities, which give users a number of options to save recipes from anywhere around the web, allowing them to expand the reach of their recipe box.”


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