New York Times Best-Selling Author Jane Green Launches Kickstarter for Her First Cookbook, ‘Good Taste’


The campaign has already reached over half its goal within the first day

After all 16 of her novels made it to the New York Times bestseller list, U.K.-born, Connecticut-based novelist Jane Green has decided that it’s time to pursue an all-new project: her first cookbook.

Green, who describes herself as a “slightly-trained chef,” has understood the value of cooking at home since childhood, and has collected and adapted recipes her entire life.

Two of her previous novels, Promises to Keep and Saving Grace, were published with recipes, and now the author is working on a full-fledged cookbook.

It will be full of “stories that reflect my experiences cooking: for friends at university, for my large blended family, for an ailing friend, and once upon a time for a notoriously interview-shy celebrity as the only way to get him to speak.”

Green’s Kickstarter, which launched on Thursday, June 11, has a total goal of $45,000 and has already raised more than half of that in the first day of the campaign.

The goal will cover the production costs of creating the book and fund payment for the creative team who dedicated their time to recipe testing and putting the whole project together. 

The minimum pledge is $5, but if you choose to help out with $25 or more, you’ll receive a collector’s edition hardcover version of Good Taste and an autographed copy of Jane’s 17th novel, Summer Secrets.


Check out the campaign for Jane Green’s Good Taste on Kickstarter