New Smart Groceries App by Handpick Helps You Eat Healthy on a Budget

The ingredient recommendation search engine’s new feature will help you stretch your groceries budget

Never overspend on groceries again.

Earlier this summer, we told you about Handpick, the ingredient recommendation search engine that also matches your favorite Instagram food porn to recipes. Now the Handpick app is rolling out a new feature called Smart Groceries. Smart Groceries helps consumers shop for healthy meals while on a tight budget, and delivers them to your home.

The new app features select affordable groceries available at local supermarkets, accompanied by easy recipes. Handpick puts together “bundles” featuring 10 to 15 grocery items from nearby stores in categories like seafood, vegetarian, Asian, gluten-free, and meat lovers.

“We view our meal solutions as ‘smart’ because our approach is the more affordable, sustainable way to cook,” said Payman Nejati, Handpick’s co-founder and CEO. “The secret sauce behind Handpick’s Smart Groceries is that they’re designed to use up any perishable food by week’s end, leaving zero food waste.  Our long-term mission with Smart Groceries is to provide the most affordable groceries that save consumers time and money while minimizing food waste.”


The new app feature is non-subscription, meaning that you can cancel upcoming orders without a problem.