New LG Refrigerator Opens When You Stand in Front of It

The future is now

Fridge also features a panel that turns transparent when you knock on it.

On Tuesday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2016, LG unveiled its latest innovations which included the new LG Signature fridge. Trying to put something in the fridge but your hands are full? LG’s new fridge features a floor-level sensor which automatically opens the door, according to Consumerist. LG says that a pet or baby will not accidentally trigger the sensor.

Also notable is the fridge’s ‘Knock-On feature.’ The door on the right side of the fridge has a panel that turns transparent and lights up when knocked on, allowing you to view the contents of the fridge without actually opening it and save energy. The feature is of course limited to what is actually behind the panel of the fridge, but is convenient nonetheless.

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The interior of the fridge is made of stainless steel to better moderate inside temperature, and a display inside the door allows consumers to control temperature and monitor energy usage, according to TIME. The new LG Signature fridge costs $4,199, according to The Telegraph.