Chef'n Shears


New From Chef’n: Kitchen Scissors, Revamped

FreshForce Poultry Shears and Utility Scissors are shear genius

The importance and convenience of kitchen shears cannot be understated, from cutting meat, string, and sometimes the occasional non-food item when they’re the only pair to be found (guilty!). The newest shears from Chef’n are a great option if you’ve still yet to invest in a pair or are looking for something new.

Chef’n’s Poultry Shears were described in a release as “a fresh solution for a messy, challenging job.” They feature stainless blades with serrated edges, and a notch in the blade holds bones in place while cutting. They seamlessly cut through meat, skin, and bones without hacking away, and the blades pull apart for easy cleaning.

New Utility Scissors from Chef’n embrace the fact that kitchen scissors are — whether they’re supposed to or not — sometimes used for non-kitchen functions. The five-in-one tool acts as a scissor, box cutter, wire cutter, bottle opener, and a saw blade to break down cardboard.

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