This Musical Utensil Is Both a Spoon and a Slide Whistle

We wouldn’t call it a staple kitchen appliance, but it does have dual functionality
This Musical Utensil Is Both a Spoon and a Slide Whistle

Fred and Friends 

This is either a really cute idea or a really, really bad idea. 

It’s a tool that could be used to make mealtimes more musical, or just wreak havoc on a peaceful family dinner. Whichever scenario you’d like your loved ones to be subjected to, the “Sip and Slide” slide whistle spoon can do that for you.

The musical spoon, described as “a classic, high-quality slide whistle combined with a sturdy spoon brings music to the table and puts a tune in your spoon,” is BPA-free and made from food-safe plastic and zinc alloy.

Perhaps you’ve got a picky eater in the family who needs a little more encouragement to stay at the table, or perhaps you’d like to be the slightly sinister fairy godmother to a young niece or nephew who has a penchant for disrupting quiet time. Either way, this promised end to “boring dinners” is only $12 — a steal for whoever wants to put this powerful device in the hands of a young child. 

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