Michelle Obama in 'Cooking Light' Magazine on the State of Family Dinner

The ‘First Lady of Food’ talks about the importance of home cooking traditions and motivating families to eat well together
Michelle Obama in Cooking Light Magazine on the State of Family Dinner

Michelle Obama tells ‘Cooking Light’ that even in the White House, dinnertime is the family’s most important daily routine. 

In the March issue of “Cooking Light,” First Lady Michelle Obama weighs in on the state of the family dinner in America, the ongoing goals of the Let’s Move! children's nutrition and wellness program, and family meals in Michelle’s childhood home.

In “The First Lady of Food,” Michelle reflects on her role as a proudly food and nutrition-focused leader, and the pressure of being able to directly influence how families eat.

“The most powerful thing that [people] can do for their overall health is feed their bodies good nutritious food,” Obama told “Cooking Light.” If you don’t like the doctor, if you don’t like government, if you don’t like folks messing with your life, the best thing to do is make sure you’re healthy.”

What’s more, both Michelle and Barack Obama understand that the cause of healthy eating must extend far beyond their time in the White House.

“Because our goals are generational, clearly we won’t be done by the time we leave the White House. So we're going to be thinking hard about ways that I can use my next platform as a way to keep shining a light on the things that we're doing. If there’s one word that I could say about what we do in the future, it’s ‘more.’ It’s more of this.”

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“Cooking Light's” Family Dinner issue hits newsstands on Friday, February 13. The full interview with Michelle Obama is available online