This Knife Is Made Out of Beer, Bacon, and Fries

The outdoor sporting goods store Green Beetle just released a mesmerizing video of the ‘fast food knife’

This knife makes you hungry before you even cook anything.

The one knife — forged in the fires of last night’s pub leftovers — is here to change your perceptions of kitchen tools. The aptly-named “’Murica! Knife,” also known as the “Fast Food Knife” is forged in a pitcher of beer, and the handle is made from French fries and bacon encased in resin.

The ‘Murica! Knife is the product of Green Beetle, an outdoorsman shop located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to knifesmithing. The blade experts have previously made beautiful knives from chainsaw chains, horseshoes, and fish hooks, but this has got to be their strangest creation yet.

To add a bit of wry humor to the beer blade, the carburizing (case hardening) agent during the forging process was Tums antacid. The whole thing may sound tasty, but we highly recommend not licking the finished product — it’s actually pretty sharp.

You can watch the whole hypnotically fascinating how-to video below: