Keurig-Like Machine Makes Fresh Tortillas in Seconds

Flatev Kickstarter raised its $50,000 goal three hours after launching its campaign

Device utilizes individual pods for precision and to minimize food waste.

For founder and CEO Carlos Ruiz who was born and raised eating his mom's fresh tortillas in Guadalajara, Mexico, supermarket tortillas just didn’t cut it for him, and making tortillas from scratch was a mess. Together with fellow student Jonas Müller, who studied engineering, the pair developed the Flatbread Evolution, or Flatev.

The Flatev concept is finally coming to consumers. A Kickstarter project raised its $50,000 goal in just three hours, and at time of publication has raised nearly $127,000. To use the device, a dough pod is inserted into the top drawer of the machine. Then, users turn the knob depending on desired crispiness and select whether they have inserted a corn or flour tortilla. The finished tortilla comes out into a bottom drawer, which keeps it warm.

Each recyclable pod comes with an exact amount of fresh dough for one tortilla, for consistent quality and to minimize food waste. Current varieties include corn (blue corn, white corn, and yellow corn) and flour (plain, cinnamon, and chile) tortillas. The company has plans to add more flavors, as well as non-tortilla flatbread options such as roti, pita, or crepes.

Flatev tortillas are organic, non-GMO, and only contain natural ingredients. The corn tortilla varieties are gluten-free.


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