It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Someone Created a French Fry Burger Bun

The Vulgar Chef has eliminated the need for bread in this traditional burger and fries staple

We’re honestly surprised no one has thought of this before. 

The French fry burger bomb is the fast food of our greasiest dreams. A cheeseburger wrapped in a ball of French fries, no bun needed, is something we’d make in an inebriated stupor and feel the effects of the next morning. This burger bomb comes courtesy of (who else?) the Vulgar Chef, aka Kyle Marcoux.

The Vulgar Chef’s blog is filled with profanity-laced, cholesterol-rising recipes like this one.  In this case, the he uses quite a lot of expletives to express his passion for French fry burger balls. The process is actually pretty simple. All you do, according to the Vulgar Chef, is plop a cheeseburger down in the middle of some chopped-up fries, and then roll your creation around in some hot oil for a quick flash fry.


The Vulgar Chef has also, sacrilegiously, topped sushi with bacon, ramen, and sriracha. Follow this guy’s f---ing delicious creations on his website and Instagram page.