IBM’s Watson Has Its Own Cookbook, ‘Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson’

The vetted barbecue sauce creator is now a published cookbook author

Watson’s recipes are carefully calculated for your enjoyment.  

Watson, the IBM supercomputer that created its own barbecue sauce (Bengali Butternut BBQ Sauce) and is busy helping physicians make decisions on courses of cancer treatment at Sloan-Kettering, is now also the author of new cookbook, Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson.

The book comes out of a partnership between IBM and chefs of the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), who helped Watson parse different “flavor interactions, food chemical compositions, nutritional information, and cultural preferences,” according to CNN Money.

Watson then used that database to suggest different ingredient combinations and recipes, the best of which are featured in the upcoming cookbook, on sale April 14.

Next, IBM says, it will use Watson’s resources to create a smartphone app that helps consumers create their own dishes using algorithms.


For example, IBM software engineer Florian Pinel told CNN Money, “If you said you wanted an Indian burrito with eggplant, it will focus on Indian ingredients that go well with eggplants.”