How Much Do You Know About Gluten? Here’s a Quiz to Find Out

Can you identify gluten by taste? Which foods contain gluten naturally, if any?

Give this quiz to everyone you know. 

Gluten, the much-maligned enemy of the ever-popular “gluten-free lifestyle,” remains a mystery to many — not least of all because, despite recognizing that it’s fallen out of favor, not everyone has taken the time to find out why.

For instance, while researching the rise of food allergies in America, we discovered that, when asked to describe gluten, the sample responses ranged from “Gluten is the substance in cheap meats like hot dogs or Hot Pockets that makes them taste better despite being low quality.

That's how it makes you sick” to “It's fat, but it sticks to your insides so that's why it's called gluten. Because it is a glue-like substance that sticks to you and makes you sick.”


If you feel ready to test your knowledge (or the knowledge of that one friend who feels the need to use gluten-free shampoo), here’s a quiz from Blue Diamond to find out how much you know about gluten. Let us know how you do, and don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes — not that you’ll make any.