Here’s What Guy Fieri Really Looked Like Back in the Day

That other photo may have been fake, but this mullet is all real

Which Fieri look do you like better?

This week, we posted a photo of Guy Fieri “back in the day” complete with brown hair a mustache. Unfortunately, that photo was a fake, and was just Photoshopped by a fan. But after making the rounds online, it appears that the mayor of Flavortown decided to give us a taste of what he actually did look like 14 years ago. Ladies, contain your screams, because it involves a serious mullet. Fieri posted the photo from the San Francisco Giants inaugural season in 2000 as a Throwback Thursday post on Twitter yesterday.

Gone are Fieri’s signature frosted blonde tips, replaced by this luxurious dirty-blonde, redneck-like mullet. And not only that, but he matched his sunglasses and biker-vibe style to his young son, who appears to be a toddler in the photo.

It looks like Guy has always had a thing for extreme hairstyles, from the blonde spikes to the rat tail, and we have to wonder: what hairstyle evolution will he come up with next?

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Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi