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Find Your Perfect Game-Day Dip With McCormick’s ‘50 Dips for 50 States’ Map

Step up your game-day snacking with these state-inspired recipes

Africa Studio / Shutterstock

The dip recipes were inspired by classic flavors in each state.

The football playoffs are just around the corner with the “Wild Card Round” to kick off this weekend. With the playoffs come playoff parties, and McCormick Kitchen’s new “50 Dips for 50 States” map will help you create the ultimate snack for your next sports gathering: dip.

The interactive map includes simple, signature dips inspired by the flavors in your favorite team’s home state.

"To celebrate this year's playoffs, we've turned iconic ingredients and recipes from each state into fun, game day dips,” Kevan Vetter, McCormick Executive Chef, said in a statement. “Take Green Bay – nothing says Wisconsin more than a beer, brat and cheese dip.

"All the dips are quick and easy to make, with just a few simple ingredients and serious flavor from McCormick seasoning mixes." 


Cheer on any of the 12 teams in the playoffs this month with some of these dips: