Bud Light Invented a Fridge That Reminds You When You’re Out of Beer


 Finally a way to figure out when you’re running out of beer without actually having to open the fridge door.

Bud Light has invented a real game-changer: a mini fridge that can tell you when you’re running low on beer. The Bud-E-Fridge is connected to your WiFi and through a digital display, counts how many beers you have left inside (it can hold up to 78, by the way).The fridge also lets you know when your beers are at the “optimal temperature” for drinking. Our question is, will the fridge rebel and refuse to say how many beers are left if you fill it with craft beer instead?

The Bud-E-Fridge is only being sold online to California residents right now for $299, but when it’s released to the rest of the country, the price will be jacked up considerably to $599. That’s a whole lot of money just for convenience.


The fridge also works in conjunction with the Bud Light delivery app, available right now in the Washington D.C. area, which will allow beer drinkers to order up to 100 cases of Bud Light in case they run out during the game, and you’ll get your emergency suds delivery in under an hour.