Brooklyn Cook Shows The World How To Have Your Rosé And Eat It Too With Alfredo Recipe

Summer is the season for rosé, but now instead of just drinking your wine, you can eat it too, thanks to Brooklyn-based cook Grant Melton.

Melton recently shared the recipe on his website for a "quick pasta supper" with the wine and a classic white pasta sauce. According to his recipe, you only need 1/4 cup of rosé along with linguine, salt, pepper, and other Alfredo pasta ingredients.

Melton displayed his creation on his website and Instagram, presenting the wine/pasta combination on a millennial pink plate with a glass of rosé on the side.

Melton says he never went to culinary school but received a "first class food education" from Rachael Ray herself by working on her talk show. Now he's cooking up new recipes of his own, with rosé Alfredo being one of them.

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