Autistic Teen Chef Publishes Cookbook

Autistic teen chef and online sensation ‘Chase ‘N Yur Face’ has published his first cookbook with a Mario Batali endorsement

This teen chef has proven that autism doesn’t have to hold him back.

Chase Bailey is like many other YouTube sensations — he pulls in thousands of viewers and holds a captive audience for his amateur cooking show, but with one small difference: He’s an autistic teenager. But Bailey doesn’t let this stop him from achieving his dreams.This month, Bailey, 15, will release his first cookbook, titled The Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook (based on his hit YouTube show), with a signed endorsement from Mario Batali. The book features 75 recipes with photos, fun facts, and anecdotes.

Bailey’s mom, Mary, said her son’s love of cooking actually grew out of a fear and resentment toward food that is common among autistic kids. She began filming him cooking so he could get over his fears.

“Long story short, food became his world — he started overcoming his aversions and even started trying exotic foods.  He also decided he wanted to be a chef and have his own cooking show,” Mary told KSLA.


Proceeds from the cookbook, which goes on sale Nov. 10, will go toward the setting up the Chase Yur Dreams Foundation that will help kids with autism work toward living independently.